About Us

Why M.A.S.H?

Social isolation and a lack of access to relevant and valid support affects Armed Forces Veterans and their dependents significantly.

We at M.A.S.H ensure all Armed forces veterans and their dependants can access a safe social space where they can feel secure and confident in accessing signposted support in a confidential setting. The Hubs offer an inclusive range of events and activities to ensure all are able to access and that no one is left behind.

M.A.S.H Social Value Report

The Military Assistance Social Hub is using the Social Value Engine to help identify a monetary value to represent the estimated social return of the activities of the group. We looked at the number of people and/or organisations the project has worked with to understand how many stakeholders have been impacted. We also used information on their individual journeys to understand the outcomes they have experienced.

For more information on the Social Value Engine please visit: socialvalueengine.com.